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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Agusti Fernandez @60 AdLibitum

It was AdLibitum 2014 when I took part in this festival, playing in AdLibitum Ensemble among other outstanding polish improvising musicians.
I also performed Boguslaw Schaeffer's piece there.

The full lineup was as follows:
Agustí Fernández - piano, conductor
Wacław Zimpel - alto clarinet, ukrainian trombita, khaen (laotian bamboo mouth organ)
Ray Dickaty - soprano & tenor saxophone
Gerard Lebik - tenor saxophone
Artur Majewski - trumpet
Dominik Strycharski - soprano, alto & bass recorders / blockflutes
Patryk Zakrocki - violin
Marcin Olak - electric, acoustic guitats
Rafał Mazur - acoustic bass guitar
Ksawery Wójciński - double bass
Hubert Zemler - drums

As Agusti says about the AdLibitum Ensemble I took part in:

"... Ad Libitum Ensemble consisted in a „conduction” in the style of Lawrence D. Butch Morris. This was a great opportunity to work with Polish musicians who I hadn’t known before; musicians who I chanced upon and discovered in rehearsals. Despite all of us coming from different places and different backgrounds, we saw how much we shared and had in common from our very first encounter, and this allowed us to perform and carry out some very interesting and profound work together, work of the highest quality, if I may add, which I hope we will be able to repeat again in the future..."