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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Andrzej Chlopecki!

I met Andrzej only once, on the first conference of the newly (than) opened music and theatre institute in Poland few years ago. Since I became interested in contemporary music (about 25 years ago) and started to listen to the Program 2 Polskiego Radia (still the best polish radio for culture) Andrzej became one of the main voices of this world. In his radio programs, in his essays and numerous liner notes for modern era cd's. I've recorded about 100 casettes of programs from this station (!!!) with all the possible aspects of modern music. Many of them include Andrzej's voice.

Now this book. I realised once again that his writing is exeptionate - intelligent, funny and always with very clear thesis. The amount of erudition and knowledge locked in those texts is astonishing. And always put in very compact but - almost aristic form. This read is fantastic and it's the pinnacle.

Thank you Mr A.