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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Conditions of music perception

In any order:

- Mood of the moment
- Focus
- Current interests
- Knowledge about music
- Age of the listener
- Listener - beeing an artist or amateur
- Part of the year/season
- Air temperature of the venue
- Light
- Events the person takes part in prior to  listening
- Beeing in trouble or not
- Personality type
- Beeing open for new things
- Attitude towards tradition
- Attitude towards Avantgarde
- Personal needs
- The date and time music has been made
- The relation of the origins of the listener and maker
- Cultural relation between listener and artist
- The context of the venue - festival, etc
- Concert or home listening
- Purpose of the music, the function or lack of it
- Loudness level of the music
- Length of the gig or the album
- Knowing the artist in person by the listener