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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stand Up for Jacek Luminski

Quote from Allen Kucharski regarding the case:
There are hundreds of us from America, and thousands from around the world, that are grateful to Jacek Łumiński and ŚTT/SDT and the festival for their work over the years. We admire Jacek's choreography and how he has built his company, the festival, and the new school in Bytom. Łumiński and ŚTT are the most effective representatives of contemporary Polish dance abroad, and the Bytom festival has brought dance and theater from all over the world to Poland, and to Silesia in particular. Building and maintaing such an organization in Bytom instead of in Warsaw or Kraków is also part of his accomplishment--part of his commitment to the arts and social change and civic responsibility in a democratic society. His vision of contemporary Polish dance is at once global, national (though never nationalist), and anti-elitist. The Bytom address says it all. We honored him at Swarthmore College in Philadelphia in part for this reason: the Bytom address, the mission to stay in Silesia. Along with the exemplary quality of the artistic work. To make Bytom and Silesia visible to the world, to bring the dance and theater of the world to the residents of that place. The international role of Jacek Łumiński and ŚTT for Poland can fairly be compared to that of Ellen Stewart and La MaMa for the US abroad. The first stop in the country for visiting artists from all over the world. And the first name from Polish dance recognized abroad in country after country. Including the US.
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