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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yerma spectacle with Wojtek Klemm

We work in Studio Theatre/Warsaw on Yerma by Lorca.

Direction: Wojtek Klemm, dramaturgy Igor Stokfiszewski.
Constumes Julia Kornacka.
Stage design: Mascha Mazur.
So: a good crew...
My music, performed by Adam Switala.

A very important work indeed, touching the theme of woman in modern world and problems of Maternity.
But not in an easy take.....

By the same time when director Meisner takes out our CEMENT from the
Teatr Wspolczesny/Wroclaw stage, just after 8 shows.
Just because she was clueless and could not understand this.
Ironically, german press was praising it...

Let's move forward!